Import activity

In the process of purchasing and delivering products from the manufacturer to the end consumer at every stage, we strive to minimize costs and deliver the product as soon as possible. This result is achieved by working with a large base of suppliers and transport companies, as well as thorough knowledge of the market conditions of the products we are engaged in.

We prefer to work without a warehouse, delivering the product to the client directly from the manufacturer, significantly saving on warehouse and management costs. Due to well-developed logistic schemes and an instant response to a request, delivery times for an already cleared product from the Asian region to the central part of Russia can be no more than 30 days, and delivery from Europe is possible in 2-3 weeks. Chemistry, which is in regular demand, is available at a warehouse in the Moscow region.

The size of the minimum import lot is determined by the product portfolio. In some cases, the client has the opportunity to purchase 10 kg of the product.

In order to make sure of the quality of the goods, free samples are always available, the receipt of which is organized as soon as possible.

It is not at all necessary to purchase customs cleared goods from RunHim LLC. If desired, it is possible to conclude direct contracts with import suppliers - partners of RunHim LLC.

Our loyal and devoted clients can always count on an individual approach in solving problems of any complexity and responsibility.