Cooperation with beloved and respected partners gives us additional value

The Turkish company DuoSolChem is one of the leaders in the development of technologies and solutions for the construction industry in the Turkish market. The founders and managers of the company are enthusiasts in their field and have significant experience in the creation and implementation of products that allow solving various problems through the use of chemistry in cements and concretes. Through interaction with Runhim LLC, any Russian partner has the opportunity to receive professional advice regarding the solution of any problem, the search for analogues or the use of DuoSolChem products.

IPD SA, a Swiss company with more than 25 years of experience in distribution. Cooperation with IPD SA allows Runhim LLC to gain access to the European and world base, consisting of several hundred clients. IPD SA is also a financial "donor" in the implementation of import purchases, allowing significant savings on expensive Russian banking products.

Mirae Green Chem, is a partner for Runhim LLC in the Korean and other Asian markets, which is a leader in many segments of industrial chemistry.

Partnership with the Chinese company Verylion (H.K.) Co. Ltd. reduces to zero the high risks of purchasing low-quality Chinese products, because safety and responsibility are our priorities in our work. Any new supplier's products are tested in the Verylion (H.K.) Co. Ltd. and only after that a procurement decision is made.

Experienced brokers and transport companies solve problems on the optimal scheme for transporting products and solving foreign economic formalities. Careful work with several dozen transport and brokerage companies led to the conclusion that there is no universal carrier / broker to work with all regions of Russia and the world, therefore, to get the best result, RunHim LLC constantly interacts with several companies that provide transport and brokerage services